2021 Courses

Geoscience Courses at the IU Judson Mead Geologic Field Station

We have been teaching geoscience field courses at the IUGFS since 1949.  During that 70+ year history, more than 7,000 students from over 300 universities have taken our courses. 

Alumni routinely credit IUGFS as a key educational experience for their career success.  The top IUGFS experiences cited for career success are:

  1. Developing critical thinking skills to evaluate multiple working hypotheses and make independent decisions based on the available data;
  2. Integrating different aspects of the geosciences to solve complex problems;
  3. Thinking in 3- and 4-dimensions;
  4. Developing time management and project management skills;
  5. Applying the scientific method;
  6. Learning and/or refining geoscience skills.

2021 Course descriptions

Course Description

EAS X429 is an immersive, hands-on, field geology course designed to allow you to build and integrate a diverse set of geoscience skills to solve 4-dimensional geologic problems from outcrop to regional scale. 


EAS X429 and EAS X428 require a minimum of two years of a standard undergraduate geoscience curriculum including one introductory course plus at least one course in each of the following: 

  1. sedimentology and/or stratigraphy
  2. mineralogy and/or petrology
  3. structural geology and/or tectonics

A course in Earth history plus additional topical courses are beneficial, but not required.

 Students with alternative backgrounds who do not have all of the prerequisites are encouraged to apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Subdiscipline concentration courses

Working conditions in the field