We are hiring for summer 2023!

Would you like to work at the IU Geologic Field Station in Cardwell, Montana this summer?  Please click on the link below to find out more.

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Intensive training for geoscientists

IU’s Judson Mead Geologic Field Station provides the best possible field-based learning and research opportunities for academic and professional geoscientists from around the world.

Support for your field experience

Most of the students enrolling in EAS X429 or EAS X428 at Indiana University receive a scholarship. In the recent past, more than 80% of the students attending our courses have been awarded at least one scholarship from IU. Many of our students also receive funding for their studies from outside organizations.

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Leading-edge facilities in an awe-inspiring location

The Judson Mead Geologic Field Station is a world-class facility with an over 70-year tradition and an experienced, award-winning faculty. Our location in the beautiful Tobacco Root Mountains in Cardwell, Montana, is unique with remarkably diverse geology spanning 3.5 Ga of Geologic history.

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