Student Research Projects


Kassia Groszewski

BSES presentation, 2011
Title: Watershed interactions and water quality assessment of previously mined mineralized areas. Willow Creek Demonstration Watershed, Madison County MT, 2006-2011

Andrew Gustin

The distribution, morphology, and temporal signature of rock glaciers in the Tobacco Root Mountains, Montana 2010-2011

Patrick Kane

Applications of zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronology to determine exhumation histories and constrain the transition from compressional to extensional tectonic regimes in southwest Montana. November 2015

Jade Marks

BSES presentation, 2011
Title: Sulfur Content and Isotopic Composition of Lichen Species. Bullion Mine, Basin, Montana

Ciara Mills

Characterizing deformation in Precambrian gneisses along the Carmichael Fault, SW Montana: implications for fault cross section models and laramide lithospheric fault behavior. 2015-2016 Undergraduate student research

Donald Tripp

North Boulder Valley: effects of extensional tectonics on stream evolution and stream capture. October 2015

James Wallace

Structural evolution of the J-fold; a multi-scalar approach to modeling kinematic fold evolution in the Cordilleran fold-thrust belt, southwestern Montana 2015-2016

Matthew Wenzel

Senior thesis project, April 2015.
Title: Copper and zinc phytoremediation by native herbaceous and grass species colonized on remediated soils at the Bullion Mine, Montana