Environmental Geology and Hydrology


Course Description

X498e (429e) Environmental Geology and Hydrology studies the impact of mining and other human activity on water, rock, and soil systems.

 This course makes use of a network of ground water monitoring wells, stream gaging stations, a SNOTEL site, and soil sample sites in the Willow Creek Demonstration Watershed, a facility installed for use by classes at the IU Field Station.

 The class also works on analyzing water flow from two abandoned mine sites to develop potential remediation plans. The emphasis is on data gathering in the field, both at permanent fixed sites as well as individual measurements and observations conducted using portable instruments.

 Groundwater flow and aquifer characterization, surface and groundwater geochemistry, the geochemical evolution of groundwater, and the generation of acid mine drainage are the main topics covered. Students work in the same general each year to extend our understanding of how things change through time. They also extend studies into new, adjacent areas to expand the geographic extent of our overall knowledge of surface and groundwater systems.