Rent Our Facilities

Rent our facilities

The Field Station facilities are available for use by outside groups for retreats, field research and/or studies, etc. Groups that have used the facilities include the University of Georgia’s Honors Field trip in Anthropology and Geology; Westminster High Schools from Atlanta, Georgia; the U.S. Forest Service; Southern Baptist Student Union; and Boy Scouts Webelos.

Arrangements must be made in advance, and proof of liability insurance is required. Details of required coverage will be provided at time of inquiry.

The chart below indicates fees associated with staying at our facility. Note that Room and Board costs have been broken down for your information, and these costs are not optional. If you are interested in renting one or more of our buildings for a whole day or a few hours, contact us to receive accurate pricing for your visit. You can also contact IUGFS General Manager Mark Toensing at (406) 287-3323 to schedule a tour of the property.

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Cost information

Boarding Cost is a fee that includes classroom and lodge use, computer laboratory use, preparation of meals and incidentals. This fee is based on the costs associated with maintaining and ultimately replacing/updating furniture, equipment and electronic devices. (Marked with an asterisk.)

Printing Costs are fees associated with the preparation of maps and educational materials. The figures assume a total page amount for a project description handout and a student response with some color figures. Field maps are plotted on heavy card stock for durability. Posters and large format maps are given as a per foot charge assuming a plotter width of 42 inches. (Marked with two asterisks.)

Non-profit groups are those identified by the IRS as 501c(3) organizations.

Room costs

Student dorm

Non-profit: $22.50
Private: $47.50
Industry: $75.00

Student dorm with linen fee

Non-profit: $27.50
Private: $52.50
Industry: $80.00

Faculty housing

Non-profit: $60.00
Private: $90.00
Industry: $160.00

Boarding cost (per day)*

Non-profit: $27.50
Private: $27.50
Industry: $45.00

Printing costs

Printing is an extra cost. We will provide an expense sheet to guests who want to use the IUGFS printers.