General Information

Field Station general information

  • Cellphone reception is limited at camp, but available away from camp.
  • The closest stores to the Field Station are about 15 miles away in the towns of Whitehall and Harrison.
  • Except on weekends, the students spend their evenings at the Field Station.
  • On weekends, no student is allowed to leave the Field Station except for activities approved by the director.
  • All of the evening work, study and recreation are done in the main lodge or in the classroom/lecture building.
  • Ample showers are available in two bathhouses that are separate from the dormitories.
  • ATM machines are available at various locations during the caravan trips, and on Saturday evening trips to town.

Visitor policy

  •  If you would like to visit the Field Station, please e-mail your written request at least 3 weeks in advance. We will only approve visits for dates when courses are not in session or for short mid-day visits when students are not at the field station. Visitors are welcome unless there are health concerns (Covid, norovirus, etc.)

  • Send an email to: or phone (812) 855-1475 for instructions regarding visitors and to obtain the necessary form for approval.

Firearms & Fireworks

You are not permitted to have firearms or fireworks in your possession at the Field Station or in university vehicles.