Clothing, Equipment, & Supply List


Field clothes, field boots, and field equipment, including geologic hammer and hand lens, will be needed on the caravan trip so they must be purchased before arriving in Rapid City.

Because of the highly variable temperature from morning to afternoon on a typical field day, a windbreaker over a sweater or sweatshirt is a more versatile field dress than a heavy jacket over just a t-shirt.

At least two pairs of hiking or work boots are strongly advised; sneakers are unsatisfactory for virtually all of the field work.

Rain gear that is compact enough to be easily carried in a simple day pack is a must. A hat or cap for protection against both rain and sun will be necessary
for your times away from the field. Comfortable and casual clothing is suitable.

Clothing list
  • windbreaker
  • sweaters/sweatshirts (for dressing in layers)
  • hiking boots/work boots (two pairs are advised)
  • rain gear
  • sun hat
  • warm hat/cap and gloves
  • field clothes appropriate for field work under wide range of climatic conditions and rough field conditions
  • casual clothing
  • bathing suit (optional)
  • water shoes (tevas or old tennis shoes) for use in G429e and/or recreation
  • flip flops (optional) for shower area
  • Scree Gaitors (optional) - many of the grasses are in seed and these seeds can create problems in socks

Equipment & Supplies

Field equipment, including geologic hammer and hand lens, will be needed on the caravan trip, so they must be purchased before arriving in Rapid City. Some other equipment, including: aerial photographs, stereoboard, and a Brunton compass, will be supplied by Indiana University for use during the course. Although we supply Bruntons to all who do not bring them, it will be more convenient for you if you are able to borrow one from your home department or bring your own for the course. Yes, Bruntons are the type of compass that must be used.

Students will be charged if loaned equipment is damaged or lost.

Except for an occasional stop at a general store on route back to the Field Station, or when our work takes us through town, shopping opportunities are mostly limited to weekends. Consequently, except for items such as pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, stamps, etc., which we sell at the Field Station, you should plan to purchase most of your other personal supplies before the course begins.

Course equipment list
  • pocket or wrist watch
  • geologic hammer and belt holder
  • water bottles (minimum of 3 one liter or greater bottles)
  • set of colored pencils (a simple six-color set is sufficient, but a twelve color set is more versatile)
  • 1-3 mechanical 0.5 mm drawing pencils (Pentel is one option)
  • Pilot Razor Point Extra Fine Marker Pens in Black, Blue, Red, and Green
  • small protractor
  • Steno notebook
  • six inch ruler
  • notebook case, field pouch, or sturdy day pack
  • calculator
  • laptop computers (beneficial for G429e but not required)

Bedding & Towels

Pillow, mattress, and bunk will be provided in the cabins/dorms. However, you must supply your own sheets, towels, and additional twin bedding as desired. Nights are cold even though the cabins/dorms are heated. It is recommend you bring a sleeping bag and a blanket.

During caravan travel you will be staying in hotels. Student hotel rooms will have two double beds and there will be four students assigned to each room. If you have a problem with sharing a bed, you may want your sleeping bag at the hotels. Otherwise, your sleeping bag can be sent on to the Field Station.

All housing is strictly male or female assigned rooms/cabins/dorms. No co-ed housing.

Bedding & towel list
  • sleeping bag (will need at Field Station for warmth)
  • bed linens (as desired), regular twin size
  • towels/washcloths

Other items

Miscellaneous list
  • moleskin (optional)
  • first aid supplies - the field station has a modest supply of items but if you know you like or will need certain items, you are encouraged to bring a small supply. Examples might be products to prevent blisters (moleskin) or to treat blisters (2nd skin)
  • sunscreen/sunglasses
  • small tent for weekend camping if you choose to go camping (optional) - tents not provided by Indiana University
  • personal toiletry products
  • zip lock bags (for organization)
  • candy, junk food, etc.
  • paper, envelopes, and stamps for letters home
  • quarters (laundry, pop machines, etc.)
  • prepaid phone cards
  • alarm clock (battery operated)
  • bug spray
  • deck of cards, musical instrument, Frisbee, etc. (optional)
  • small lock (gym lock)

Daily field equipment

Clothing (suitable for variable weather conditions)
  • multiple layers on top
  • field pants (long pants strongly advised)
  • rain gear
  • hat (for sun and rain)
  • sturdy field boots
Day pack to hold
  • 3-5 liters H2O
  • lunch
  • first aid
  • rain gear
  • extra clothing
Geology field gear
  • hand lens
  • hammer
  • notebook - we have a supply of steno pads that work well