Baggage & Luggage

Packing & Luggage

Storage space in the caravan is limited, so it is necessary to restrict each student to:

  • one moderate size suitcase
  • duffle bag or equivalent
  • day pack or backpack

Any additional baggage or items should be mailed directly to the Field Station:

Attention: Your Name
633 S. Boulder Road
Cardwell, MT 59721

Tips for packing your gear

You should have only 2 bags plus a day pack, and they should be packed as follows:

  • One bag containing only what you will need for the first week of the trip. You will begin the course in Rapid City, and from there will be doing field studies in areas of South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana, before actually arriving at the Field Station. This bag will be loaded into the vehicles wherever you join the caravan and will stay with the caravan throughout the first week. You will need field equipment during this time (rock hammer, water bottles, boots, etc.) You will also have your day pack with you.
  • One bag (duffle bag) should contain the remainder of what you wish to have at the Field Station for the duration of the course. This bag will be loaded into a vehicle that will go directly to the Field Station and you will not have access to it during the first week of travel. Space is extremely limited, so any excess luggage you have should be mailed ahead of your arrival directly to the Field Station.