Clothing, Equipment, & Supply List

Clothing list
  • windbreaker
  • sweaters/sweatshirts (for dressing in layers)
  • hiking boots/work boots (two pairs are advised)
  • rain gear
  • sun hat
  • warm hat/cap and gloves
  • field clothes appropriate for field work under wide range of climatic conditions and rough field conditions
  • casual clothing
  • bathing suit (optional)
  • water shoes (tevas or old tennis shoes) for use in G429e and/or recreation
  • flip flops (optional) for shower area
  • Scree Gaitors (optional) - many of the grasses are in seed and these seeds can create problems in socks
Course equipment list
  • pocket or wrist watch
  • geologic hammer and belt holder
  • water bottles (minimum of 3 one liter or greater bottles)
  • set of colored pencils (a simple six-color set is sufficient, but a twelve color set is more versatile)
  • 1-3 mechanical 0.5 mm drawing pencils (Pentel is one option)
  • Pilot Razor Point Extra Fine Marker Pens in Black, Blue, Red, and Green
  • small protractor
  • Steno notebook
  • six inch ruler
  • notebook case, field pouch, or sturdy day pack
  • calculator
  • laptop computers (beneficial for G429e but not required)
Bedding & towel list
  • sleeping bag (will need at Field Station for warmth)
  • bed linens (as desired), regular twin size
  • towels/washcloths

Other items

other items that might be needed:

  • Moleskin (optional).
  • First aid supplies - the field station has a modest supply of items but if you know you like or will need certain items, you are encouraged to bring a small supply. Examples might be products to prevent blisters (moleskin) or to treat blisters (2nd skin).
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses.
  • Small tent for weekend camping if you choose to go camping (optional) - tents not provided by Indiana University.
  • Personal toiletry products.
  • Zip lock bags (for organization).
  • Candy, junk food, etc.
  • Paper, envelopes, and stamps for letters home.
  • Quarters (laundry, pop machines, etc.).
  • Prepaid phone cards.
  • Alarm clock (battery operated).
  • Bug spray.
  • Deck of cards, musical instrument, Frisbee, etc. (optional).
  • Small lock (gym lock).

Daily field equipment

  • clothing suitable for variable weather conditions:
    • multiple layers on top
    • field pants (long pants strongly advised)
    • rain gear
    • hat (for sun and rain)
    • sturdy field boots
  • day pack to hold:
    • 3-5 liters H2O
    • lunch
    • first aid
    • rain gear
    • extra clothing
  • geology field gear:
    • hand lens
    • hammer
    • notebook - we have a supply of steno pads that work well